Monday, May 11, 2009

A Girl Can Dream Can't She?

A perfect day in a perfect world would go like this. Wake up to a clean house since the housekeeper came yesterday for her weekly visit. Lace up my running shoes and hit the pavement because in a perfect world I would be a morning person. Wake the kiddos up after the run and take them to school. Come home, shower and head off to my cute little loft - ksac studio - where I would figure out my projects for the day. Pick out cute fabric, turn on some music and sew a few bags.

Next I would meet some girlfriends for lunch at a cozy little cafe overlooking the bay at our new Maritime Park - because in a perfect world there would be more to do in Pensacola. Then maybe I would work on more sewing projects or maybe I would call it a day and go shopping.

Time for the kids to come home from school so home I go. Figure out what to cook for dinner, kids play, check my facebook status and wait for Doug to get home. We would eat dinner together and put the kids to bed. Why not check my facebook newsfeed again and make plans with Judy for the beach tomorrow. Then off to sleep in my clean room (because the housekeeper came yesterday remember?) with my wonderful husband!

Next day, BEACH DAY! Then repeat.

I have a wonderful life so please don't take this the wrong way. But we all have hopes and dreams and today this is mine....Just thought I'd share.