Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just Call Me Martha...

Today a guest speaker gave the message at church. He spoke about Martha and Mary and the lesson Jesus taught Martha when He told her to stop being busy and worrying about so many things and focus on Him. Wow. That hit me like a ton of bricks. I looked at my friend Judy and said "I'm Martha!" At the same time she said "You're Martha!" It was quite funny.

My commitments have not slowed down. In fact I just really don't know what to let go. I love everything that I do...but I need to have time to spend with Jesus. Our church just read the book Outflow and Pastor preached about it for several weeks. Did I read the book? No, I was busy being Martha.

The guest speaker also spoke today about Tim Tebow (by the way I am NOT a gator fan but do wish FSU could have Tim as their quarterback). He talked about all of his accoomplishments of course but also about how he spends every morning in the presence of the Lord and I wonder when the last time I was alone with Him.



Judy said...

You are Martha to me!!! I love you!

Karen Jolly said...

love you 2 Judy!