Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Idea

Those of you who know me co-workers especially...know that I am always thinking of ways/ideas to be able to stay home without sacrificing my wants. I guess that sounds selfish but I don't mean it the way it sounds. Again, those who know me know what I mean by that. Ask me if you are wondering. Anyway, thanks to my friend Judy (hi Judy) I attended a Bee's purses party. It was great. Liked the bags but of course every time I see bags I'm practically inspecting them to see if I can make them. So I talked to my sis about the bags and we decided that I could do something like that. So tonight I've been brainstorming about how I could go about this. Luckily I have a graphic designer/marketing expert to help me get started. So I'll keep everyone posted and send out catalogs when they are finished. When i'm done my sis is going to host a party in up-state NY where she lives. Then I would like to have something local before Christmas. I just love giving them as gifts and I'm sure everyone has that one person to buy for who has everything except....a handmade bag! And what woman doesn't love bags? Love to all my peeps!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well, it's been quite awhile since I posted anything but I haven't had anything new to talk about. I still don't have anything to talk about..I don't think. Kalli is learning alot at school and is behaving much better. Kole loves his preschool very much and acts like such a big boy. I have been busy making bags. I have had 5 ordered recently and have completed two of them. 3 more to go. One of my bags is going to be sold on a new website my friend Kelly has developed called She is raising money for orphans/adoption assistance and a portion of the proceeds will go to this organization. Pretty exciting that we can help someone else who is trying to adopt since we have been so blessed with Kalli.

I guess the only other thing that is going on is that I have been put in charge of finding a new home for our youngest dog. We just do not have enough time to deal with him and his behavior problems. We can't keep both of our dogs together because they fight. The younger one likes to jump the privacy fence into the neighbor's yard. Recently he has learned how to break out of his crate. He has done this twice now and gone crazy throughout the house. Not being a dog-lover you can only imagine how happy I am to walk into a house that has been ransacked by a dog. By the way I can blame my mother for how I feel about dogs. (She knows this). She did not let us have pets growing up and now I know why. To me, dogs (and cats for that matter) add nothing to my life except expense and extra clean-up. Why anyone would choose to add those things to their life is beyond me. I have enough trouble cleaning up after humans that I love. Anyway, so luckily Doug has agreed that this younger dog needs to go to a loving home that has time to train him. I agree to keep the older one because he is calm. The worst thing he does is eat something that has been left out. Who can blame him for this right?

Anyway, I have contacted someone from the Jr. Humane Society who has a foster home she thinks can take him and that foster home may know someone who will want him. That's good news. My friend Patti has placed a dog with her too and recommended I contact her. So I did and here we go. I wouldn't be surprised if he was gone in a week. I know Doug will be sad to see him go so I will be sensitive and try to not throw a party! I'm actually grateful that Doug sees the need to find him a new home. So....1 down, 1 to go.... Just Kidding Doug!!! Love you.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well, yesterday the decision became easy. At least for 1 day out of the week I can feel like a stay-at-home mom. We have nowhere we have to be all day or all night except picking Kalli up from school and I love it. I can clean, cook, or run around town if i want. Why would I have ever wanted to give that up???? Anyway, at least I'm not stressing anymore.