Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Church on Sunday

This is a sample of what pastor preached about on Sunday. Several church members were involved and it truly spoke to me. I can honestly say that most days I go to church, listen to the message, and leave. Week after week this happpens but sometimes it's different. Before the "cardboard testimonies" pastor talked about 1 Corinthians 6:8-11. That the sinners will not inherite the kingdom of God but those who are saved are cleansed and are no longer that sin that once held them captive.

This Sunday it was different. God spoke...directly to me. Not because I have a drug addiction or anything super terrible in my life that God has delivered me from, but I do have worries, struggles, bad attitudes towards life when it doesn't go my way. I always thought I would be a better wife, mother, and housekeeper. I didn't realize how hard it was and sometimes I feel like i just can't get it together. My wonderful mother-in-law tells me that no mom feels like "that mom" and to her I am grateful.

Speaking of Mom Jolly, God starting working in my heart a couple of days ago when i was telling her about something that was bothering me and she simply said, "Give it to the Lord." She explained how she had something of the same sort happen in her life and she found that once she did that things got so much better. WHAT A THOUGHT! I was honestly a little embarassed that I had not thought of that myself. Maybe it's not that I had not thought of it but that I wasn't yet willing to do that. Maybe I was thinking that I could truly change something on my own. Everytime this happens I say "Lord, it's yours. Please help me stop worrying." He is faithful and will see me through. I am so thankful to serve a God who is REAL!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


All I want is a twin size mattress "set" for Kalli's new bed. You would think that by saying "set" one might think that means mattress and boxspring...but nooooo. Not at Wal-Mart. I have been refusing to pay $200 for a mattress "set" that my daughter will probably not sleep in. So I have called just about every mattress place in town and most start around $200.
Then I called wal-mart. The salesman said that it would cost $124. Yea!!! I was happy with that amount. I do my hair and make-up ( not just for wal-mart but for church tonight too). I WAKE Kole up out of a short nap and call Doug to meet me there. We walk back there and guess what. Yep that was just for the mattress....no boxspring!!!!! WHAT GIVES????? Why can't anything be easy?
Across town I could get the set for $150 but they were closing in 10 minutes. Oh well. Whatever. I refuse to pay $187 to Wal-mart when they did not tell me the correct price. And by the way, yes i am having a hissy fit over $37, I realize this. But I am not giving my money to someone who didn't tell me the whole truth. So, I called back one mattress company that I stopped by today. They will have the mattress tomorrow afternoon for $150. I will take it. It's not tonight like I wanted, it's more than I wanted to spend, but at least it's less than Wal-mart.
So once again i must say I hate wal-mart. everything about it. Are we ever getting a super Target? Maybe I'll put that on my prayer list.