Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Baseball Game

Sunday night we went to a Pelican's baseball game at Pelican Park. This was Kole's first ball game and we all had such a good time. We ate nachos, boiled peanuts (it's a southern thing), and pizza. You'll notice the pizza on Kole's face! There was also a christian concert and speaker after the game but since the game went into 2 extra innings it was a little late. Plus to hear anything we would have had to go out onto the field and we didn't bring chairs or anything like that. No big deal (as Kalli would say). Kole was trying very hard to keep his eyes open at this point so we headed home. I had to wake Kalli and Kole up the next morning around 8 am. Of course this happened on one of 2 days I could not sleep in. Oh well. I'm a mom, enough said.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kole's Birthday Party

Kole's birthday party was held about a week and a half after his real birthday of April 27th. Actually it was held on his "due date" May 5th. He had a blast. All of his friends came to help him celebrate. They all played in the pools and sprinklers outside at Nanna and PopPop's house. Mommy made his birthday cake because I have started this as a tradition. IF we have more kids (and that's a big IF) I will make their first birthday cake. Not because I'm an expert at cake decorating but because that makes it special to me.

Opening presents came after the outdoor activities. By this time he was a big tuckered out so keeping him focused on the gifts and the other kids away from the gifts was a little tricky. After the presents he fell asleep. What a great day we had. Hopefully one day we will celebrate a birthday in Canada!